breaking in the spring

Yes, that’s right. I’m talking about Spring Break. I’ve had a lot of good Spring Breaks in my life, but this one was especially eventful and well-spent, so I’m going to tell you about it.

Well it really all started with Easter. When I woke up, Jeremy told me there may be something hiding in our apartment. And there was. Oh, there was. Hiding under the desk, I found this:


An Easter basket! And what an Easter basket, indeed! I grew up getting hidden Easter baskets on Easter Sunday, but THIS one had my FAVORITE kind of Jelly Beans… AND a stuffed duck! Clearly I have an incredible husband. After a great Easter service and celebration of what Easter is really all about (J to the ESUS), Jeremy and I had the pleasure of hosting an Easter Brunch. here’s a little “before” action of the table (notice the china!):


And here’s our spread, which included fruit, juice, turkey bacon, Dad’s famous coffee cake, a broccoli cheddar quiche with bacon, and an asparagus and mushroom quiche for the vegetarian folks:


Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of our actual guests because I’m awkward about taking pictures of actual people. Moving on.

Monday I worked, but Tuesday, Kristin came!!! Kristin is my best friend from since I was two. She’s been meaning to come visit me in California ever since I moved here for school. I was pumped. We spent the afternoon at Venice Beach, where the weather was a bit brisk… and windy.


We had lunch at Baby Blue’s BBQ in Venice, and then headed home for an exciting evening at the Grove in LA. The Grove is a crazy sweet, kind of upscale outdoor shopping center. While we were there, we happened upon a concert, a bunch of the dancers from Dancing With the Stars, and Lance Bass.

Wednesday we walked to Chango for some coffee and breakfast before heading to the Fashion District downtown. We shopped for a while and I bought a scarf. Later, by Kristin’s request, we went to Chipoltle (there are none in Montana… SAD.) and then Biola. It was great.


Our next day was maybe our most exciting. We got ourselves up bright and early to hike up to the Hollywood sign. A few yards after we headed up the Hollyridge Trail, we were confronted by this sign:


We kept walking. I told Kristin I bet mountain lions were probably scared of people and so the liklihood of seeing them was probably really small. She told me that in Montana, mountain lions are used to people, and that when they attack a human they usually kill them really quickly. Fortunately, the only wildlife we saw were some lizards chasing each other. Well the hike was fun, and we kept getting glimpses of the sign on our way up.


Fortunately, we made it to the top safe and sound, without any encounters with mountain lions.


The view was neat, and the sign was BIG.


‘Twas a lovely hike.


The whole thing was a great success.

After climbing to the Hollywood sign, we went home for some lunch. After Mac and Cheese and some car trouble, we were off to Rodeo Drive to check out rediculously priced material goods and people watch.


On our way home, we stopped by the Burbank Animal Shleter to pick up some foster kittens. They’re eight-week old girl kittens who are borderline ferrel. We’re in charge of trying to domesticate them (the shelter thinks they’re still young and impressionable enough to domesticate). They love to hiss and spit and hide from us all day long. We’ve named them Sophie and New Mexico.

We ordered in (TG express: our favorite Thai place) for dinner and I took Kristin to the airport the next morning. What a great visit. Kind of makes you want to come here, doesn’t it?

Today Jeremy and I went to the Flower District downtown and made ourselves a nice little spring arrangement:


And that brings us to about now. Tonight we’re having dinner at the beach with Uncle Doug, who happens to be in town, and tomorrow I’m going to bridal showers and getting myself back into school mode. Hope you enjoyed the synopsis of my break. There’s video footage of most of these happenings and others that were too minor too include here. Feel free to check it out. Peace.



  1. ma moore · April 22, 2009

    Lovin the edited version – way to go! Ma

  2. Megan Wilmarth · April 29, 2009

    I got a way better Spring Break synopsis reading this! 🙂 Although the Hollywood hike (more like adventure) story in person was way better! You crazy girls! Megs

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