time for another tribute

This is a tribute to my sister-in-law Becca Mann. She’s great, and I was inspired to tribute her today for two reasons:

1. Right now, she is at home, while her husband is in Burkina-Faso, Africa for three weeks! What a great example of a loving, supportive wife who knows a thing or two about perseverance.

2. She’s one person I can always count on to watch my flip videos and read my blog. I know there are others of you out there, but Becca really has a knack for this. Her and her husband are the ones who inspired me to do all this techno-communication in the first place.

Ok. So, here goes the tribute:

Let’s get a picture on here just to get things started. Here’s one of Becca with her hubs, one of my bro-fo-in-laws, from who knows when:


Aside from being my most fashion-savvy family member, Becca is all of these things (and more):

1. Smart and ambitious. Becca works at a church, is married to a youth pastor, invests in many of the lives of younger people at her church, takes really good care of their awesome house in Salem, Oregon, spends time with friends, reads a lot of Real Simple, AND goes to school!

2. Hi.larious. I love spending time with her because she makes me laugh a lot. It’s fun being with her and her husband too because they tend to elevate each others’ levels of funny when they’re in the same room.

3. Really great to talk to. Becca is really good at investing in people’s lives. She knows how to have a good conversation and obviously cares about doing so. I always appreciate her desire to share herself with others in honest and humbling ways.

4. Interesting and helpful. I always love heading to her blog, because she’s usually got something worth reading or seeing. Whether it be some good wisdom on life’s circumstances, a recent find, or some great practical tips, I’m always glad I visited.

5. Great at reflecting. Becca is great at sharing her thoughts about life. She’s sensitive to what God may be doing in her life and always seems to be working toward meaningful growth. I’m reminded by the way she lives her life how important it is to constantly be making progress on becoming the people God wants us to be.

Well, kids. I hope you feel honored to have read about this great great tributed individual. Cheers for Becca!


One comment

  1. bex mann · March 30, 2009

    oh.my.word. ERIN! It might be embarressing for me to admit this, but I had to get out a Kleenex before I finished reading this amazing, touching, thoughtful, and sweet tribute. Thanks for blessing me. Wish I could give you a big old squeeze. love you.

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