peppers and tomatoes


Jeremy and I love living in the city. We do. Believe it or not, Los Angeles has snuck into our hearts and stolen many of our affections. For those of you without close relations to this city, it has nothing to do with famous people or paparazzi. Maybe some of my love for LA stems from other peoples’ disgust with the place. (you know… “Uh, I hate LA. It’s disgusting. Have you SEEN the smog?! And the driving! I don’t know how people LIVE there.”) Generally, I’m a lover of the underdog.

Anyways, our love for the city has not made us strictly cityfolk. We’ve been working toward self-sufficiency in our little urban homestead. Someday we’ll get fresh eggs from chickens we keep in a small backyard; for now, Jeremy’s putting together a vegetable garden.


He fashioned two self-watering planters with a few 5-gallon buckets, some PC piping, and our new drill:


Now we’ve got tomatoes, green peppers, and lemon thyme happily growing on our bottom steps.


We’re hoping these little guys will allow us to fashion our own salsa and pasta sauce. Until then, we’re eagerly awaiting the veggies of our labors (well, mostly my husband’s labor.)



  1. Jeremy · March 26, 2009

    I really like that top picture! I wonder where it’s from (we could probably figure it out). Homemade salsa and pasta sauce! Yes! Have me over!

  2. highmountainmuse · March 27, 2009

    I live far away in the mountains now, but when i was younger (your age?) I lived in NYC. My parents grew tons of stuff in containers on their roof. They couldn’t get enough, ended up doing the community garden thing, but I loved those potted plants.

  3. Ma · March 31, 2009

    Fun, fun you need lots of sun! Keep on gardening. I’ll look forward to salsa at graduation. Ma

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