WHAT is going to happen?


People. I’m having a moment here. Some moments, rather. This is the week I’m supposed to hear back from UCLA; have my destiny handed to me by a few humans at the greatest hospital on the West Coast. (I’m being dramatic, for… well, for dramatic effect.) Seriously though, I’m kind of freaking out just a little. It’s Tuesday and I’m trying not to think about it too much, but it’s hard. I do not have the composure to try and explain to you right now how much I want this job!

I’m especially getting freaked out because I’m working tomorrow. Setting foot in this place that will either crush all my dreams or hand me the greatest opportunity of my adultish life so far in just a mere few phone calls! Pray for me. Pray that this great nice woman likes me, calls me, and offers me a job.

I will keep you posted. Oh will I.


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