time for some Daniel

danielstatueLast Wednesday I had to let go of The Character of God for good. After weeks and weeks (which felt like months and months) of praying nearly without ceasing, countless emails between professors, and a very emotional meeting with my new clinical instructor, the final answer was no. No with no exceptions. Good try, “Sounds like a great class,” but no.

So here I sit, the following Tuesday in my Daniel class (on break; don’t worry). I was going to give you a big spiel on the whole thing and how I felt about everything, but for some reason each time I sit down to do it, I don’t quite have the inspiration.

The whole point of writing this is to explain how I feel surprisingly at peace with the decision. The Lord has been working in my life through the Daniel class, and last week–the night before I was going to get my professor’s final word–I was actually thinking to myself, “If I’m allowed to remain in The Character of God, I think I’m going to have to seriously consider taking on two Bible classes this semester.” I couldn’t see myself dropping Daniel.

I don’t know exactly why God has kept me from The Character of God. However, I am confident that it is not a part of His will. Think about it. For basically a month straight, I pleaded with God that He would fulfill this desire of mine. Jeremy prayed along with me, as did many friends and family. Undoubtedly God heard our prayers, and is not simply ignoring us.

I’m positive that somehow my absence from The Character of God will allow God’s glory to be shown more than any other circumstance could have. This answer makes the most sense to me when I think about who God is.

So. Yes, it is still disappointing (it wasn’t easy walking into my class and asking Dr. Thoennes to sign my “drop” form), but at least we can all be thankful and full of Praise for a God who is in control of the universe, and so also our little lives.


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