still waiting

bible-3 Well, I thought I’d let you know what’s going on with my Bible class. So far, not much. Turns out my clinical rotation is still a little up in the air, and so I’m not supposed to call the agency until Monday. Hopefully then I can straighten out whether I’ll be free from clinical Wednesday afternoons.

In the mean time, I’m working hard to be patient and I continue to tell myself no news is better than bad news. I keep getting told I’ll probably be able to get in contact with the agency “tomorrow,” which keeps getting pushed to later tomorrows, so I’m trying to prepare myself for more uncertainty as time goes on.

On Tuesday I attended another Bible class-one on the book of Daniel-just in case I end up having to drop The Character of God, finding myself a few Bible credits short of graduating. I think Daniel will be a great class. The content seems neat (perhaps mostly because the book of Daniel intrigues me) and the professor really knows his stuff. I tried with all my heart to get myself excited about the prospect of taking this class instead of The Character of God, but I left feeling a little discouraged. My heart’s just not quite there.

Wednesday, one of my nursing classes ended over an hour early, so I got to go catch the last hour of The Character of God,  which I’m unfortunately supposed to miss for the first two weeks. It. Was. Incredible. I was reminded of why my heart is so drawn to this class right now. Example for: THESE are the class objectives (straight from the syllabus):

1. Understand the teachings of Scripture about the character of God more accurately;

2. Use both the teachings of Scripture and our knowledge of the created universe to formulate accurate descriptions of various aspects of God’s character;

3. Come to know God better through this study, not only academically, but also as whole persons relating to God as a person;

4. Come to delight more fully in God and the excellence of his character and thereby become more theocentric in our thinking, affections and behavior;

5. Intensify our worship and gratitude to God, resulting in greater love for God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength;

6. Continue to develop the ability to apply truths learned in this course to life and ministry and thereby become more like Jesus and have a greater impact on the world for Christ and his kingdom.

SO much of this class is about major life transformation through Biblical study and academic rigor. And this professor is SO passionate about us as students being dedicated to these objectives. He cares deeply about our lives and that we come out of this class different people. Throughout the class we’ll be reading lots of books, leading and participating in thought-provoking God-centered discussion, memorizing and meditating on Psalm 103, writing a hymn (words AND music) focusing on one attribute of God, memorizing the definitions of all the attributes of God, and writing a major Biblical theology paper with another student in the class.

I feel like this class is arranged in such a way that completely aligns with both my spiritual and academic needs right now. This class will be the most important study I do this semester, and perhaps in my entire time at Biola.

There have been times before when I thought I knew exactly what would be best for me where I’ve been wrong and God has made that very clear in the end. Perhaps he wants to teach me something significant about the book of Daniel this semester. There could be many things God desires for me to learn outside the context of The Character of God. I’m very confident he always knows what’s best and is able to do far more than we ask or imagine.

The strong desire of my heart is to be studying his character through this class. Jeremy and I are praying he blesses me through the fulfillment of this desire. I would appreciate your prayers first and foremost for his will in my life, but without neglecting petition on my behalf for this class. I think the Lord delights when we ask him for what we tuly desire.

Much luv to all my friends and fams. I’ll keep you posted.


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