grandparent’s day


In case you were unaware, today, January 28th, was Grandparents’ Day. I probably should have alerted more people to this fact earlier on in the day, but here I am. Better late than never. You should know that I am one of those lucky folks who still has both sets of grandparents. Even more than that, I have two more sets of grandparents as a result of marrying my husband. That leaves me with FOUR-count ’em-four sets of grandparents in the world today. Here are some neat things about my grandparents (original and in-law):

Clement “Grandfather” Moore (my pap’s pap): This grandpa is incredibly handy. He once made a car. MADE. Currently, he’s making an antique-style secretary desk for Jeremy and I as a wedding gift.

Veronica “Granny” Moore (my pap’s ma): This grandma’s got lots up her sleeves. She can make a mean Chicken Washington and watches the Bachelor. She can also make just about anything on her sewing machine.

Otto “Grandpa” Trettel (ma’s pa): This grandpa is big on telling jokes and does it well. He once taught me a song entitled “Combination Underware,” about a person who got stuck in his combination underware because he lost the combination.

Nancy “Grandma” Trettel (ma’s ma): This grandma knows every card game in the book, and has taught me the majority of the ones I know. She keeps her husband in line and has an incredible laugh when she really gets going.

Richard “Papa” Potter (pa-in-law’s pa): This grandpa is a national bridge champion and really fun to converse with. He loves to fish and has great stories.

Betty “Grandma” Potter (pa-in-law’s ma): This grandma is a saint, if only for putting up my with pa-in-law in the early years. She likes to travel and allows her grandkids to stay at her beach house. (Thanks!)

Kenneth “Grandpa” Wynkoop (ma-in-law’s pa): This grandpa really knows how to throw a  regular family get-together. He also gives speeches. As of yet, he has not given any of these speeches during a regular family get-together, but one can hope.

Jean “Grandma” Wynkoop (ma-in-law’s ma): This grandma collects nut crackers and could beat most young men in bowling, golf, and probably other things. She is known to her enemies as “JAWS,” but she’s really a softie.

So there you have it. Eight whole grandparents, each very different and unbelievably wonderful. This small tribute to them demonstrates the tiniest sliver of my affections for them. Love you, grandparents! I’m so thankful for you all. Happy Grandparents’ Day!!!



  1. Paps · January 29, 2009

    Very insightful comments – and a firm grasp of the really important. I cant wait until fathers day!

  2. bex mann · January 29, 2009

    Erin! You are such a great writer! This was an awesome post!

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