a Christmastime discovery

presents1I love Christmas. I always have. Christmases have always been chock full of long-lasting traditions, lots of family time, and way more gifts than any one kid could ever deserve.

This year was my first Christmas as a married woman. It looked a little different. I enjoyed new traditions, even more family time, and was the beneficiary of even MORE generous gift giving.

To this Christmas, something was added that may never be matched in Christmas history. Through their superior tech-savviness and generosity, my siblings-in-law (two people I very much want to be like) opened my eyes to a world that will change the life of our family dynasty for generations. Josh and Becca Mann introduced me to the flip. It wasn’t long before Jeremy and I headed to Best Buy armed with Christmas cash in search of a flip of our very own.

Hopefully you will enjoy our documentation of daily experiences as much as we have so far. A special thanks to Josh and Becca, who made all of this possible.

You can catch all of our latest flip videos at http://www.youtube.com/erinelmann.


One comment

  1. Josh · January 6, 2009

    ERIN!!! Oh my goodness, we were laughing in bed as we watched each of these…i can’t tell you how thrilled WE are that YOU got a flip! Seriously, it’s like extending family vacation by having you in our home…it’s weird, video seems to have that power of connecting more than an email. Anyways…keep up the filming, you guys are adorable and hilarious. You’ve prompted us to flip more ourselves, including our house, we painted 3 rooms this weekend, somehow we left MN feeling inspired so we did the dining room, master BR and den, we’ll post flips soon!

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