welcome to twenty-three

My fiancé is 23 today (May 9th; the date on my blog is wrong). His name is Jeremy and I like everything about him. Nearly, anyway. I suppose it would be unwise to make such a statement if I expect people to take me seriously. The point is, I’m ridiculously thankful he was born twenty-three years ago, and so I will take some time here to talk about him a bit.

One thing I love about Jeremy is that he is a philosopher. He examines life through eyes that seek to determine how to live and think well. He’s got incredible discipline for creating habits to develop his character and teach him how to understand and love others well. He’s a wonderful thinker and an exceptional communicator.

He is also an artist. I’m not sure he would describe himself to someone else as an artist. He is a lover of all kinds of art and has a high value for the creative work of himself and others. He is a poet, a painter, a graphic designer, and a photographer. He appreciates the theatre and a good film and loves art museums.

He cares immensely about personal growth and learning. Humility is a quality of his I experience frequently, as he seeks to learn from me how he can better serve and love me. He loves to read books and ask good questions of interesting people and be challenged by others. When he is given a job, he won’t finish it until it is completed to the best of his ability. He loves his friends honestly and cares greatly for their benefit.

He loves camping and being outdoors, playing soccer, and he prefers cats over dogs.

Most evidently, he is passionate about discerning how the Lord desires for him to live, and eager to follow wherever He leads. He has committed himself to the gospel of Christ and lives with purpose in light of this truth.

There are of course many more things I could say about Jeremy, but this will have to do for here and now. Thanks to God with the help of Rick and Cheri, for bringing this great person into the world.



  1. Josh · May 10, 2008

    what a good post and an adorable picture!! I love this guy too, can’t wait to see you soon!

  2. Paps · May 19, 2008

    23….Its a good age to be at. Thanks for a bit of insight into the newest soon to be member of the family! We can’t wait to have him in. Have you taught him the secret handshake and family password yet?

  3. Nanook · June 17, 2008

    I love it! You’re an awesome writer! You can sing, dance and write well too! I think you need to update this blog regarding the big step you and Jeremy made in your lives. Can’t wait to read all about it – from your perspectives. We love you both sooooo much and are so very happy for you.

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