a little more of a minnesotan

My family has never lived outside of Minnesota. I’m a true product of the great wide north and proud of it. I grew up skiing, ice skating, sledding, making snow creations, and taking part in other various winter weather activities that make up a great Minnesota childhood. There was one piece of winter fun I never got to experience, however. This was of course the wonderful world of ice fishing.

Given the chance to more fully embody the spirit of Minnesota, my fiance and I braved subzero temperatures with my uncle Scott to catch a few.

I learned it doesn’t matter how cold it is as long as you’re appropriately outfitted. Scott dressed us head to toe in his and Nancy’s cold weather hunting gear. Even at 13 below I was toasty warm. It also didn’t hurt to look so stylish.

ice-fishing-007.jpg After stopping at a bait shop on Lake Waconia, we drove out onto the ice (yes, ONTO the ice; there it is sitting on the lake). Apparently good etiquette while driving on ice is to keep your seatbelts off. Jeremy loved getting to remind me to unbuckle for a change.

Scott showed us how to drill fishing holes in the ice and Jeremy tried making his own. As soon as the drill hit the water, it would overflow onto the ice. This was REALLY fun to watch. After drilling the holes, we scooped the remaining icy slush out of them to make space for dropping our bait.


Next, we set up the house around the holes and fished! Scott had a sweet sonar machine so we could see where the fish were swimming in relation to our bait. All together we caught twelve fish, none of which we kept to eat for dinner. Jer got the last catch of the day and we headed over to Scott and Nanooks for some home cooked Mexican food.


All in all, it was a great evening. Jeremy and I learned a lot about a unique sport and had a great time with my uncle. It feels great to be livin’ the dream in Minnesota this winter.



  1. Josh Mann · January 22, 2008

    wow! This is exactly the kind of stuff I’m so glad we get to see now, keep it up…and beautiful picture on the top…wow!

  2. Scott Severson · June 24, 2008

    What a fun day we had! I’m looking forward to making this an annual tradition.

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